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Anxiety Depression

Arthritis & Rheumatology Disease

Blood and related disorders

Bronchial Asthma

Cancer Screening

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Congestive Heart Failures

Coronary Artery Disease

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2)



Immigration Medical Examination


Kidney Disease

Physical Examination

Preventive Medicine

Pulmonary & Occupational Disease

Reactive Air Way Disease

Skin Cancer

Skin related disorders

Smoking Prevention

Sports Medicine

Thyroid Disease

Travel Medicine


Weight Management


Kartik J. Desai, M.D. FACP

Dr. Desai was a Chief Resident during his Internal Medicine residency in New York City. Dr. Desai also worked as Chief Hospitalist at Upper Chesapeake Health (covering two major hospitals) in Maryland for the duration of 2 years with extensive experience in successfully treating different medical conditions which include routine, urgent and emergent cases. Dr. Desai has also experience in treating serious ICU Patients both, during his training and while working as a Hospitalist.


Primary Care Physicians - Ellicott City, MD

A State of the Art Medical Facility in the heart of Ellicott City, Maryland

Primary Care Physicians - Internal Medicine

Desai Medical Center is a Primary Care Medical practice focused on prevention and treatment for the adult population from age 16 onwards with office based practice and hospital practice, including assisted living facilities and nursing home care. 24/7 availability of Physicians for urgent care and emergency cases.

Physicians at Desai Medical Center have a special interest in the prevention and management of Hypertension, Diabetes, and Cardiac Diseases (including Coronary Artery Diseases, Congestive Heart Failure, and Pulmonary Diseases related to the environment, industrial and occupational exposure). We also take special interest in Smoking and its effects on the lungs, Kidney Diseases, Women’s Care, Neurological Diseases, Dermatological Disorders, Immigration related medical examinations, Travel Medicine, School Physical Examinations, Sports Medicine, and Cancer screening and prevention. A wide variety of audio/visual educational material is available for patients, so understanding and managing their particular medical condition is an easy process.

At Desai Medical Center, we believe that a physician and his patient will become a team that works together in the treatment of the individual's medical needs. Our Physicians spend most of their time sitting down with each patient in order to understand your concerns and respond with the best treatment options for you. We also follow up to make sure that general pain is relieved, problems are resolved and your health improves.

We also want our patients to be informed about medical problems and treatments, because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being. That is why we have included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with internal medicine and internal medicine diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your medical needs and care.

Highly sophisticated Audio/Visual Patient Education Materials containing a variety of medical topics are available to patients and family members on to help them understand complex medical conditions. Special emphasis is given to lifestyle modifications and preventive medicine.

We also know that convenience in the Ellicott City area is important to your selection of a Physician. In these web pages you will find information about Desai Medical Center's office, including our Ellicott City location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have or to request an appointment. We hope you'll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a Physician.