Desai Medcal Center offers a Portal and Mobile App for their Patient Portal through their Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, MedicsCloud. 

With a patient portal account, you can connect with your healthcare provider and have access to your personal health information in a secure online environment, 24-hours a day. As long as you have Internet connection, you can log into your portal account conveniently from anywhere, on any device.

What are the benefits of having a Patient Portal?

  • HIPAA-Secure online environment
  • 24-hour access to your personal health information 
  • Secure messaging to your provider's office
  • Secure document sharing
  • Send appointment and prescription refill requests
  • Videoconference with your provider
  • And more


What is the difference between the Patient Portal and the Mobile App?

The Patient Portal, MedicsPremier Patient Portal, is the patient's primary portal account. 

The mobile app, MC Notify, is linked with the patient's portal account and sends notifications to the patient's smartphone whenever their provider has sent them a portal message.

What can you do with the MedicsPremier Patient Portal?

  • Review and update your demographic information
  • Review your health information
  • Review your scheduled appointments 
  • Request a new appointment
  • Request medication refills
  • View and pay your billing statements
  • Send and receive secure portal messages
  • Submit pre-appointment forms

What can you do with the MC Notify app?

  • Receive a notification when you have a new portal message from your provider
  • Review your portal messages
  • Send a secure portal message to your provider
  • Review your scheduled appointments
  • Video and audio conference with your provider


How do I register for a Patient Portal Account?

Option 1 - Self Register here. Use this guide to walk you through each step.


Option 2 - Receive an email invitation from the practice. If you have received an email, use this guide to walk you through each step.




How do I sign up for the mobile app, MC Notify?

BEFORE you download the app, make sure you have registered for a Patient Portal Account and have signed in at least once

  1. Go to the Apple or Android App Store and search for MC Notify 


  1. Download MC Notify
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it
    • You will be asked about Push Notifications
      • Click Allow
    • You will be shown a short slideshow about the app
      • Swipe through the slides or click Skip
    • You will be brought to the registration page
      • Enter your portal username, portal PW, and practice code, 2H1DCTFQZJV
      • Click Verify
  3. Once you click Verify you will be taken to the app's home page


I forgot my portal username and/or password

Please visit the Portal Login Page and click Forgot your password? or Forgot your username?


I need help with the patient portal

Please contact us at [email protected] or (410) 313-9292 and we will be happy to assist you



MedTunnel is a free and HIPAA-secure service that allows patients and their providers to easily share documents electronically.

All patients are encouraged to sign up for a free MedTunnel ID.   

For more information about MedTunnel and how it is used, please review this guide or visit their website.

For detailed instructions on how to sign up for a free MedTunnel ID, please use this guide